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Learn the secret to portfolio orchestration 

Leaders in IT PMO can now get their entire portfolio in one view, with powerful analytics and no-effort reporting. But, how can you get there?

In this guide are the 10 steps you can take in under a week to digitise your portfolio and revolutionise your work.

The Keto Platform v5 combines process, portfolio, resource, budget and risk management in one elegant console. To find out more, get a demo with one of our experts >

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United Kingdom

Gavin Stark, UK Director
+44 795 737 7805

4 Hardman Square
Gartside Street
Manchester M3 3EB

No-code platform

We designed the Keto Platform v5 with leaders in PMO and R&D&I. Everyone wants powerful flexible tools. No one wants a massive IT project and endless coding. 


Markus Halonen, Project Director
+358 40 7577861 

Kankurinkatu 4-6
05800 Hyvinkää

Human-centric UX

Your business intelligence tools are only as good as your data. Go beyond XLS and scouring meeting minutes. Welcome to delightfully engaging software.

Germany & global

Veijo Hytti, CEO
+41 79 663 6633

Wiesenstrasse 8
8008 Zürich

Rapid proven POC

We'll help you digitise processes fast thanks to no-code configuration. And we'll help you engage your people, gain transparency and get ROI - Return On Innovation.

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